1. Set your financial goals. What are you saving for?
  2. Put a picture or other reminder of your Big Goal in places you usually spend money. For example, in your wallet, in your car or next to the computer.
  3. Figure out how much you need to save every month to reach that Big Goal. Open a high yield online savings account so you can watch your money grow. Visit the links page for help finding a good one.
  4. Every time you stop yourself from buying something you don't need, add the amount you saved to a "savings list." Put that money into your savings account every week.
  5. Choose a way to reward yourself at the end of the month if you meet your target amount.

We want to help you in the fight to save money, so we developed two helpful tools: the Stop, Think, Save credit card holder, Coupon Wallet, and Stop, Clip Save Smart Shopping Guide. If you are committed to saving money, these items are free to you and your household.

Your goal is to constantly think about saving. When you go to pull out your credit card, look at the sleeve and decide if your purchase is a necessity. Achieving your goals through long-term savings begins with small victories. These are two weapons you need.

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